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Submissions are closed for
Issue 4:

Nestled within the serene embrace of a cove, a world of equality unfolds.

Here, in this tranquil setting, differences dissolve, and a harmonious symphony of inclusivity resonates. "Cove," the latest issue of Clepsydra, will capture this spirit of tranquility and fairness, illustrating how calm waters mirror a society where everyone is valued equally.

In "Cove," we explore the essence of equality—its power to soothe the rough seas of division and its capacity to nurture unity and understanding. Through engaging poems and inspiring artwork, we delve into the heart of a balanced world, where every voice contributes to the collective melody of peace and respect.

"Cove" is an invitation to discover the potential of a peaceful coexistence we can achieve.

Submissions are closed. Thank you for submitting!

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