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leonardo chung


Leonardo Chung is a writer from Illinois who has had his works published or is set to be featured in Chautauqua Journal, Superstition Review, Full House Literary, Hyacinth Review, Sheepshead Review, Sweet Literary, and many others. He was recently awarded second place in the 2023 William Faulkner Literary Competition, first place in a 2023 Poetry Society of Virginia competition, a finalist for the 2023 Rash Award in Poetry, and included in Brushstrokes IV: Ros Spencer Poetry Contest Anthology. He takes inspiration from distinguished poets such as Langston Hughes, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Louise Glück.


elena prisament

lead editor

Elena Prisament is from New York and adores writing poems and short stories. She attended the Sewanee Young Writers' Conference in the summer of 2022, and also actively participates in writing workshops at the Hudson Valley Writers' Center. This year, Elena is the sports editor for her high school newspaper and the president of her school's Creative Writing club. She also researches machine translation and linguistics and was recognized at the Somers regional fair for her efforts in this field. 

meet our reviewers


Veronica Marshall received her Master's in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design in 2021. Marshall is the Art Editor of Flare Journal and also a reader for Ariel Publishing, LLC. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

veronica marshall

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alex phuong

Alex Andy Phuong (He/Him) earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University, Los Angeles. Emma Stone inspired Alex to write passionately after watching her Oscar-winning performance in La La Land. He now writes hoping to inspire the ones who dream. Blog:

gabrielle palmer

Gabrielle Palmer is a bartender and (occasional) writer living on the Oregon coast. She eavesdrops for a living and goes home to weave pilfered yarns to her partner, a teeming mass of interested publishers, and a menagerie of grumpy rescue critters. She’s probably listened to you.


Sampoorna Thammadi is an engineering graduate with a Masters degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. She is about to publish her poems in an anthology with Poets' Choice. She is, at the moment, self-employed as a micro-associate which includes providing data for training AI systems. She also gives private tutoring and volunteers at the local church as a Sunday school teacher and a Youth group worship leader.


gabrielle maryland

Gabrielle Maryland is a writer currently based in Asheville, N.C. Gabrielle dabbles in creative, experimental, and hybrid works of fiction and nonfiction. In 2018, she self-published to great success a series of chapbooks. She has also had the honor of being published in the Journal of Expressive Writing in 2021 and the Asheville Citizen Times in 2022. Currently, if she's not reading or editing the work of talented writers, she's enjoying her free time with her family.


yao liu

Yao Liu (She/Her) publishes poetry and fiction on her personal blogging page. As of now, she has published 66 poems, six flash fiction pieces, and one three-part short fiction series on her blog. She lives in San Diego, CA. When not writing or reading, she enjoys cooking, traveling, running, and spending time with loved ones. Blog: Personal Website:


kirsten liang

Kirsten Liang is a writer and FINNEAS fan. Her work has placed on an international level in the 2022 Writing Contest hosted by Wintermute Lit and on a national level at the Scholastic Writing Awards. She’s trying to be an optimist.


seth swenson

Seth Swenson is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota's English Literature and Creative Writing departments. Seth lives and works in Minneapolis, MN, where he moved to from Wisconsin. When he isn't writing, he enjoys reading and watching movies, rock climbing, spending time outdoors, and going out with friends.


richard stimac

Richard Stimac has a full-length book of poetry, Bricolage (Spartan Press), and a forth-coming poetry chapbook, Of Water and of Stone (Moonstone). His works have appeared in Burningword, Clackamas, The Examined Life Journal, Drunk Monkeys, Hive Avenue Literary Journal, The Midwest Quarterly, and more. A screenplay of his is in pre-production. He is a poetry reader for Ariel Publishing.

danielle mcmahon

Danielle McMahon is a mom of two and occasional poet. She graduated from the writing program at University of Pittsburgh with a BA in 2006 with a concentration in poetry. Her poems have appeared in Rogue Agent, Storm Cellar, The F-Word, Tales from PA, and others. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family.


claire stemen

Claire lives, works, and writes in Seoul, South Korea. She is interested in the space in between things. One of her stories has been published in The Grief Diaries, and two of her poems were published in Miami University's literary magazine Inklings.

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