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clepsydra literary and art magazine

Welcome to Clepsydra, a literary and art magazine dedicated to showing the works of poets and artists that flow.

about clepsydra

Clepsydra is a literary and art magazine dedicated to amplifying the voices of those fascinated with the flow and movement of words. The clepsydra, an ancient water clock dating back to approximately 600 BCE, measures time by using the flow of water. It is the same flow and movement of moments that punctuate and characterize our experiences.


Similarly, Clepsydra wants to see the flow of words that can sustain and nourish us all and the art that accompanies it on the journey. Contemplate upon the majestic waterfalls and splendid cascades that clutch our eyes or feel the slow trickle of a rivulet emptying out into an imposing ocean. Yet also consider the ominous implications of its power seen in colossal tsunamis and thrashing waves. No matter what its connotations may be, and regardless if it ensnares us and makes us lose track of time—or perhaps break the clock from its gravity, Clepsydra desires to devour it all.

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